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Mytharria UO Shard
Skill Descriptions
Alchemy - Used to make potions

Anatomy - Not terribly useful at this time. Just tells you information about another mobile (player or npc)

Artistry - Crafting skill, this is stuff like masonry, painting, sculpting, etc. combined.

BardMagic - Not yet implemented

Item Lore - This is item identification and arms lore combined. Tells you what speed, damage etc. a weapon can do, condition of a piece of equipment, how an item was crafted.

Parry - Displays as 'Shields' - used for blocking with a shield. Shields are pretty useful now when in combat.

Blacksmithing - Same as before.

Camping - Nothing terribly useful. If you get kindling and make a fire, it will cause NPCs to wander away (unless already engaged with something)

Woodworking - Fletching, Bowmaking, Carpentry all combined. Also this skill just needs 1 tool now, the carpentry tool kit.

Cartography - No use as of this time.

Cooking - The perfect skill for any female character. :whip:

Detect Hidden - Find hidden traps (useful in the labyrinth level 1 map), hidden mobiles (players/npcs)

Evaluate Intelligence - Raises magery damage (this is like tactics for mages)

Healing - This is used when a user double clicks a bandage and applies it.

Fishing - Having beer in a bucket next to you is a must.

Forensic Evaluation - Collect information about something, compare it to something else.

Hiding - Allows a character to hide (no longer be seen)

Inscription - Used to copy potion recipes, spell recipes, etc.

Lock Picking - Used to crack locks on chests, doors, etc. Can also re-lock something.

Magery - Standard spell casting skill.

Magic Resistance - Will decrease effects of spells (will be applied to cleric magic, druid magic and bard magic as well)

Tactics - Damage boost for melee/archery combat (anything using the combathook)

Snooping - Lets you peek into another mobile's backpack, move stuff around. Does not allow for stealing.

Musicianship - Ability to play an instrument. Not terribly useful.

Poisoning - Allows most potions to be applied to weapons and food.

Archery - Missile weapons kill.

Spirit Speak - Allows a player to see what a dead player is saying instead of OooOooo

Stealing - Allows theft of items. MasterThief flag still required.

Tailoring - Still the same. Make leather armor, clothing and such.

Animal Taming - Allows up to 5 NPCs to be tamed.

Taste Identification - Shows the real name of a potion instead of what the potion looks like. Identify if food is tainted.

Tinkering - Same skill as before. Makes lots of tools, standard adventuring provisions and such.

Tracking - List mobiles nearby, informs the user what direction the mobile is (north, south, east, west, north-east, etc.) - especially useful for finding someone trying to stealth away.

Sword Fighting - Skill used by swordy weapons.

Mace Fighting - Skill used by bludgeoning items.

Wrestling - Unarmed combat skill. Good for drunken bar fights?

Lumberjacking - Used for chopping trees with an axe, higher skill produces more wood per success.

Mining - Used for mining for ore. 2 types in place (transparent to the user) 1- Ore vein found in mines, these are manually placed by staff. 2 - Global ore (no veins present) it will pick a random ore if one isnt there, then store it.

Meditation - Used to regenerate mana.

Stealth - Once hidden, a user can sneak away. If not hidden, runs the hidden skill first.

Remove Trap - Used to remove traps from a door, container, etc., or to temporarily disarm manually placed floor traps, or remove spawned floor traps.

Polearms - Spears, pikes, etc. weapon skill.

Staff Fighting - (No, its not a skill that only GMs get) - Used for gnarled staffs, black staff, etc.

Axe Fighting - Used for fighting with axes.

Taunt - Used to stop an NPC from attacking one mobile, and instead attack the person who did the taunting.

Shape Shifting - Druid skill. Will allow the user to change into an animal.

Back Stabbing - Rogue skill. User hides, stands behind another mobile that it is facing and applies skill for serious damage.

Disguise - Rogue skill. Allows a player to change skin color, name, and hair appearance.

Farming - Used to harvest plants, grow seeds, and use the plow to make dirt tiles and a farm plot to grow stuff on.

Nature Magic - Not yet implemented. This is the druid's spell casting skill.

Clerical Magic - Not yet implemented. This is the clerical casting skill.

Skinning - Used to skin dead bodies for hides, brains, hearts, liver, etc. Using a skinning knife results in a reduction of difficulty.